パッチワークキルト、vintage kimonos

パッチワークキルト、vintage kimonos

This is a 1910's - 1970's vintage kimono patchwork quilt.

Materials: used vintage kimonos,
polyester thin quilt padding
Conditions: There is a small stain that stands out.
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*An item is considered wearable but has some surface flaws staining or soiling, for example.
*As the dress has a flaw, you shall have it inexpensive!
The dry cleaning of the cloth was carried out before making.

Size *approx
97" (248 cm) X 56" (146cm)
Machine pieced in a smoke-free environment.
A reasonable margin of error should be allowed, depending on the clothes.
¥ 8,800 SOLD OUT








  • Patchwork thin quilt Patchwork thin quilt ¥ 11,000
  • Patchwork thin quilt- valuable kimono- woolen muslin Patchwork thin quilt- valuable kimono- woolen muslin ¥ 11,000
  • Vintage 着物ドレス Vintage 着物ドレス ¥ 10,350